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Mmmm delish!

This a pic from my new cookbook Stir frying to the sky's edge by Grace Young
This Stir fried Ginger Tomato Beef my b-day is coming and I may just treat myself!. I'm out of sherry though may have to get rice wine instead. Of course this would be a flimsy excuse to go back to Central market. We shall see....

Finally my cookbook came today

I have to warn you .I'm pretty tight fisted when it comes to buying books off Amazon. I love nothing more than paying a penny,dime, or quarter for a book.I had been lusting after this one for awhile and decided to treat myself by paying 7.00 whole dollars(gasp!) Yes the book retails for $30.00 but $7.00 is a splurge in my universe. It was totally worth it.

A few recipes I may try:Oaxaca-style mushroom cheese quesadillasRodrigo style fishShrimp croquettes in tomato brothAnd the recipe I saw demonstrated on public television Mexican style pastaI think more chefs should use Penny De LosSantos as their photographer She helped give the recipes and history a depth most cookbooks don't have. Well I m off to read thisSome more before I start sounding like a Amazon review Lol