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Jason's deli rev.

If you are lucky enough to be on Travis and McKinney ,downtown Houston there is a Jason's Deli I frequent.  It has that modern decor with black and white pictures to give it a contemporary feel. The are alot of earth tones to suggest a feeling of warmth.  Now how much warmth you get depends on the customer service.  I could tell by the tight lipped smile on the cashier's face I was being overzealous about the panini bread.  Had I regressed to being an overbearing ,pretentious, wanna be food connoisseur?Was I acting like an ego maniac looking down her nose at this poor hard working schmo just trying to earn a decent living.  I hope not.  In their defense it was pretty early not yet 8 am and there was that pesk lunch crowd to attend to later.  There was also a brunette manager who was business like but approachable she even smiled at my corny joke.
     If you go looking for this sandwich it doesn't exist on the menu.  It's the contents of a veggie wrap placed insid…