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Roasted Granulated Garlic

I got this image fromhere I didn't realize until I allowed myself to run low on my roasted granulated garlic to what extent that I had become dependent on it. Okay I realize the stars will not fall out of the the sky if I ran out. While the world will not come to an apocalyptic end , I feel like Superman getting a gynormous dose of Krptonite . I've lost my culinary superpower.  Just to recap I stopped using salt about 2 years ago when an emergency room visit revealed that I was headed, at top speed, for a life of hypertyension.
Equally worse is having to live in a place I like to called BLANDVILLE,USA.  See in BLANDVILLE  they don't use salt,butter or whatever ingredient you think makes your food pleasant not just edible.  I began to research websites likemy recipes and took advantage of their nutrition search feature. I looked at how to use herbs and spices differently. I have to say the roasted granular garlic was a large part of my transition.  My food started having a…

Kitchen redo or my fascination with Coca cola

I dont know whether I should happy or a little sad that this redo is making me almost giddy with happiness. I need something it's all mine.  At the risk of sounding selfish. I have to be all things for many people. Student, mom, and volunteer. Here in my little corner of earthly paradise I can be just me. So I guess I will embrace this:).

Got coca cola?

I ordered this about a week ago.Thank you Amazon. My kitchen is small but a shot of red is making the difference. Good thing I really like coke. Didn't think I would be one of those women with a themed kitchen. I have learned to never say never.