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It's the weekend baby and a new cookbook

I didn't get a chance to finish The Stranger by Albert Camus book because the beginning was slow by today's standard's.  I haven't finished Americanah by Ms.Adichie but I probably will by this weekend. She is a stealth ninja when it comes to descriptions.  I got the  Better Homes and Gardens :the Ultimate soups&stews book about a week ago .I can't make up my mind which recipe to try first.
Easy texas style chili,new England clam chowder,
Butternut and carrot soup or Chicken chili monterey.  Most of these have less than 700mg of sodium. There is nutrional information so u dont have to guess.  I don't cook with salt anyway  so the ones I mentioned will have less if you don't add the salt.   Well I am going to bond with my kids a.k.a referee an argument. Stay gold.