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Random notes:cocos and coffee

I thought it wwould be good for the kids to experience eating something
Different experience another culture
I will spare you the gory details the service was not good but that's life
I want my kids to remmember that we had fun .  In the end that's all that matters:)

Random note:Weekend adventure

They kids got perfect attendance the first 9 weeks. The both got a free kids meal certificate and even though I was suppose to have another adult he was nice enough to honor both certificates.  They service is akwsys good but we are burnt out from tex mex.   Our next adventure will have something to do with crepes:)

Random note:my favorite apps cont.

I love the aviary apps because:
You can add affect
You can add stickers and frames
Flip or rotate the shot
Change the warmth, Saturation
Contrast and sharpness
This really comes in handy with food shots
You can take a photo or pick one off of your phone to edit.
Sketch guru is very similar to Paper Artist you can use the following effects:
Pencil sketch
Color pencil
Color pencil2
Comic book black and white to name a few
The color photo below was edited with Aviary app
And the bag with the flowers was edited with Sketch Guru
Which i love being able to add a new dimension to my art journals. So what are your favorite photo apps?

Random note: The chocolate bar

Finally got to visit The chocolate bar in Houston ,quite a few people for a Monday night. Cant blame them it is  all things chocolate after all!
We got a slice of the Uncle 
Darryl cake it had toffee bits in it.  If you get the hot chocolate it isnt made from cocoa its just like  melted chocolate with
marshmellows on top. 
It was so worth all the extra workouts.  The slice  on the top was a type of 
Cheesecake with Kahlua in it .

Random notes: Two of my favorite photo apps.