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I am mourning the loss of  not only my Nikon  coolpix but much to my shock, horror and utter dismay
now my beloved Canon Powershot S3 IS.Actually the latter camera was used to begin with but the lens did get me a pretty good shot. That's me playing around with it to see how it works which it did at the time.The detail here may be better. I know this cliche' but you really don't miss the water until the well runs dry. I'm trying to restart it but it keeps making this strange noise ,it says lens error and redirects me to restart it. The shot taken above was with the Nikon coolpix.
This picture was taken with my Sony Cyber shot actually this was a really good camera considering it only had like 7 megapixes.  The Nikon had 14 and the Canon only had 6.  I think what you're able to do with the camera makes the most difference( that and a little  time photoshopping like the last pic demostrates can help).  Well that was me smiling  last shot of me doing that for awhile(h…