my obessesion

my  obessesion
To live a creative life ,we must lose our fear of being wrong
Joseph Chilton Pearce

Friday, October 21, 2011

I rememeber when series:One time at Magic Mountain

Good morning everyone. I have not forgotten you guys I had to catch the bus to community college to
take care of some things before my class starts next week.(Don't think I am taking late start classes anymore
either but that's another issue)Here is another installment of the I remember series I think this really helps the
journaling portion of a layout so I will finish this series by the end of next month on my grandmother.  I will still
continue to the I remember when series but I will focus on my teenage daughter who is graduating from high
school this school 2011-2012 and has been a bit  of challenge to scrap her because she detests pictures as if it were a virus you could catch will taking the picture, but any who .I remember one of the occasions I went to
Magic Mountain with grandmother and two other relatives.  Magic Mountain was the same amusement park
in conjunction with the Six Flags Amusement parks such as  the former Astroworld  that we had here in Houston and the current Fiesta Texas in San Antonio .  This was my idea of teenage heaven! Funnel cakes,cool rides,hot guys and the occasional concert who could ask for more.  My poor grandmother didn't far so well on that Colussus . Looking back on it I am surprised she even got on the ride to begin with she
was a homebody for sure. Anyway her glasses were crooked when she got off the ride.  Being the jerky teenager I was I laughed.  Actually if we are being really honest I am not the person you want to ride with
on a roller coaster because the more you cry ,scream or plead the name of  Jesus the more I will laugh at you
so not a good idea for me to ride with you.  Now that she is gone it's one of those things you wish you could
take back but can't.  I can say my grandmother loved me in spite of who I was at the time and I will always love her for that!

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My fondest memoreis in my life are the ones at my grandmother's table.I loved not only the warm,velvety ,slightly sweet 7-up cake, but the affirmation that I was loved. What started out as a creative outlet and a place to honor her loving,generous spirit has evolved into a food blog where I can blather on about recipes, food trends, and basically any food related topic that foodies would like, get the idea. I am sure my family and anyone I've been friendly with for more than 2 minutes will breathe a collective sigh of relief, since I don't have to dump my food conversations on them all the time. Also to mix things up I will share scrapbook pages. I want the blog to refect who I am and what I like to do when apart from being a full time Mama and part time college student.Thank you for sharing this journey of exploration with me.