my obessesion

my  obessesion
To live a creative life ,we must lose our fear of being wrong
Joseph Chilton Pearce

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Contest Giveaway:Visa Gift Card for $25

Hey Everybody, to celebrate my one year of blogging I am giving away a $25 Visa Gift Card.

Rules are as follows:
1. You must be a follower of this blog.

2.Anyone can enter.

3.  Leave a comment as to why you scrapbook, cook or art journal.
 Also leave your email addres so I can reach you faster! Deadline:October 12,2010 at midnight.

The winner will be randomly selected from the comments of this post. Stay tuned for the Linky List.


Dee said...

I follow via gfc as DG and I cook because I love whipping up unique meals for friends to enjoy :)

deeg131 at gmail dot com

a moderate life said...

Hi Birda Mae! Happy one year anniversary to your blog! I am following you on blogger. I love to cook and share food with friends and family and I adore blogging. I am also a textile artist and enjoy dying fabric and crochet. Life is fun! Alex at amoderatelife dot com

icitea said...

Oooh, happy one year anniversary! Cheers~

I'm following you via gfc. I cook to feed my family most of the time, and to exercise my artistic abilities in the most satisfying way I can. It's fun!

le.paradis.found at gmail dot com

bj said...

Happiest 1 year Blogaversary !!
Would you kindly add my name to your list for your most generous giveaway? Thanks so much for giving us a chance to win this prize.

I am happy to say I am your newest follower.
I am also taking your button with news of your giveaway to live awhile on my sideboard.
Thanks again!!

bj said...

oops, forgot to say that I LOVE cooking. Hubby and I are retired and home a lot. I find myself in the kitchen more since I started blogging and see all these wonderful things to make. Cooking is a hobby with me. :)

scrapaddict4sure said...

Good morning everybody I think cooking , and scrapbooking is a visible way to show my family that I love , that and art journaling relieves my alot of stress. Thanks for stopping by and dont forget to post your projects on my linky list 2 posts above this one

GLOANN said...

Hi cheryl, Such a nice giveaway you're having. I'm already a follower of your blog. Why do I cook? Hm, very obvious!! I love to eat good food. Why do I scrapbook? Well, it's for future generations of our family to know their past, but it's also my fun, creative outlet!

fawn said...

Congratulations on 1 year! I'm a new follower. I love to art journal. The best part is looking back on what you were making at certain times in your life. :) Thanks for a chance at this nice giveaway.

allthingsnew said...

Following via GFC (Ten Talents), and I cook because I love trying new recipes and inventing new's like an art for me! I also like scrapbooking because it lets me hold on to things that are important to me and do something creative with them!

Libby's Library said...

Happy Happy Blogabirthday!
Heres to many many more.

I scrapbook, for pleasure, for my family, for my friends, for my posterity, and for fund raising (for a non-profit organization).

Thanks so much for this great giveaway.


siilenti said...

Im a follower! I have an art book because sometimes you just need to be creative. It makes you feel fresh and gets rid of stress and I love creating something no one ever has!

charli said...

Wow--what a nice giveaway! I'm a follower now...and I scrapbook cuz I get to relive memories and play with scrappy toys!

Liz said...

Thanks for the giveaway! I cook because it's cheaper and healthier and because I like knowing what goes in what I'm eating, but also because I enjoy the feeling of creating something that I and other people can enjoy!

eemoody77 at gmail dot com

Lisa said...

I just became a follower. I love to cook because it makes me happy to know that I'm able to make good, healthy things to eat. rhisomers(at)gmail(dot)com



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