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Inspiration corner: The source of my inspiration  I couldn't let the month of march end without mentioning  the ladies
at this website .  This is the former staff of Simple Scrapbooks and I felt so guilty for not mentioning
them last week.  .  Alot of my style was heavily and still is inspired by the "simple" approach.  I feel like
there is a spirtit of friendship and not competition.  Isn't that is what it's all about

Birda Mae's recipe corner:Banana Pudding Recipe

3 1/2 tablespooons all purpose flour
1 1/3 cups of sugar
Dash of salt
3 large eggs seperated
3cups of milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1(12-ounce) package vanilla wafers
6 mediau banans
1/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons sugar
1teaspoon vanilla extract

-Combine first 3 ingredients in a heavy saucepan.Beat egg yolks and milk stirring well.  Stir into dry ingredient,coook over medium heat,stirring constantly until smoohta nd thickened .Remove from heat:sir in 1 teaspoon vanilla

-Layer one-third of wafers in a 3 quart baking dish.  Slice 2 banans, and layer over wafers.  Pour one -third of custard over bananas.  Repeat layers twice

--Beat egg whites at high speed with an electric mixer until foamy.  Gradually add 1/4 cup plus 2 teaspoons sugar.  1 Tablespoon at a time, beating until stiff peaks form.  Add 1 teaspoon vanilla, and beat until blended.

-Spread meringue over custard, sealing to edge of dish . Bake at 325o for 25 to 30 minutes or until golden.Yield 8servings

I got this recipe from &quo…

The Shimelle sticker challenge

I am still taking the"Something For Almost Nothing " class. The challenge was to use stickers . Even though I have done that before
I decided to do another one using mostly stickers. I am glad I still had a black and white photo left that did make this easier to use some
paper I already had Basic Grey (Two Scoops) I swear those folks should pay me! So what is your favorite challenge?

Random Note: Some of my favorite photos

Some of my favorite pictures of the kids at the park. I guess I just like the simplicty of them
besides the fact that it was peaceful moment caught on film.

Inspiration corner:The other cool chics

"Creativity takes courage"  Henri Matisse.   In honor of women this month I'd like to acknowledge all the ladies who have really inspired my
scrapbook and art journal pages,lately

1  I am always inspired by their enthusiasm no matter what time day or night, if I need to have a conversation about scrapbooking or need to see some really goodscrapbook pages I usually stop by here first.

2.  As you have probably noticed by my sidebar  I have fallen in love with Ning groups!Milliande is different in that it's a community of women who are serious about that not judging
,since I am just starting out with the art journaling ,I felt like I needed an environment of nuturing to really "grow" my creativity.  There is also a group for women interested in photography as well and mixed media
so it feels like home for me.

3.  this is an extension of the Gutter girlz blog the…

layout flashback :It's not about the embellishments

Boy I must have just discovered "thickers"! I was looking through my old layouts when
I ran across this one I made it about 18 months ago I really wanted to stick with my less is more approach. I remember being
frustrated with myself for adding the blue ribbon! Which is hilarous to me now because I realize that I lost sight of the reasons
why I scrapbook in the first place. Besides my immediate family .I am so blessed to meet a few people who will alter my
prespective about life , remind me that there really are good people in the world and make me want to be a better person. My friendship with Kelvin (and Lori G.) is like that. These are the few people you meet who will change your life forever( IN a good way of course). I really dont have all the words to describe what they mean to me but I am so glad I took
time to celebrate and honor my friendships.

Art Journal Challenge

I had already started on this art jouranl page when I stopped by
it's one of the art jouranl blogs I follow the prompt was un   there is a story to that. But I strongly suggest
going to the blog and checking them out!  I also got the painting technique from Acrylic Revolution by Nancy
Reyner.  This is really good because I haven't taken painting yet!  Any way all you art journal fans
or other creative people what is your favorite brand of paint?

Random Note: My Adventures at Central Market

Honey this is the spot if you want to grind your coffee.  I got Texas Pecan (It has little pecans in it)
If you are looking for just the right sesame oil they got it, want lobster and shrimp in your ravoli they got
that ,too.  No I dont work for them but  I love good food so I dont mind mentioning it.  The other thing I enjoy is the fresh flowers.Aren't these gorgeous.  Spring is my favorite season and I can't wait for it to come!


I made a deal with myself to use the paper I already have the brads are
Can you tell I've been taking that Shimelle class? No turning back means I will stay on this creative path I'm on.
No turning back . I am definetly going to hobby lobby next month I have earned the right to buy more pattern paper!

Layout and 3 products I must have

I decided to use the same "sketch" as the previous layout so I could illustrate
the 3 products I must have

1.CORNER ROUNDER I gott have this because it gives my layout a more
polished look in less time.The brand i use is Paper Studio which they carry
at www.Hobby

2.LETTER STICKERS When money isn't an issue I prefer Thickers(adhesive chipboard)
but as long as I have stickers I have a layout and they already come with the pattern paper
I use this is from Basic…

Birda Mae:In loving memory

Poem :She was

She was warm like teacakes on a Sunday afternoon
She was unpretentious
She was funny in a subtle way
Her love was palatable
and constant as the sun
She was the walking ,taking embodiment of God's
In fact she was everything to me.

birda mae's recipe corner:paula deen making peach cobbler video

I tied to scan a recipe  didn't quite turn out but this is better because this will be a more visual way to
learn it.. My grandmother was known for her peach cobbler .  She passed away in November I thought
this would be a nice way to honor her memory .  I hope you like it.  Tell me some of your favorite memories
of your grandparents.  It doesn't have to be food related.  What stands out the most?

layout from shimelle class

I am taking the Something for almost nothing by shimelle It was a last minute thing but I am glad
I did. I am also taking the blogging for scrapbookers and as you can see by my more recent posts
it's definitely an improvement plus I can afford at $15 each so you may want to check this link out
You cn jump in or ake them after the fact like I did with the blogging one. The prompt for this layout was to use
existing pattern paper . I cut the butterflies from my Paper Studio paper and the pattern paper on the left hand
side was really just a scrap I had leftover from another project . So I feel like I am getting my money's worth from the class and
the pattern paper. Paper Studio line is sold at Hobby Lobby I got 180 for like $10 but fell out of love with it until now.
So do you guys like color photography or black and white I am always curious as to what other scrappers are doing.

layout flashback

Actually this layout is on my wall so I can have a visual reminder of my affirmations . I also thought this would
be a good example of a layout I did on 8 1/2 by 11 paper .. I guess I could use this paper sometimes but I am still
undecided I like not having to cut my pattern paper but maybe I 'll think about it . I dont like making anything
a rule I like being able to change my mind. So what do you guys think is it easier for you to use 12 by 12 paper or 8 1/2 by 11?

layout and what not to do

This layout is a follow up to my work in progress post all I did was add the stickers from basic grey (two scoops) but I
also mention when buying a scanner or printer /scanner /copy combination make sure that it can scan and print 12 by 12
I love my Canon mp printer The quality of photos when I print them is excellent in fact I dont want to give that up
however I didn't factor in my need to use 12 by 12 paper I started out using 81/2 by 11 paper but felt it was too restricting
now I wish I had gone with that epson because I found out after the fact that it scans and prints 12 by 12 paper! Ladies and
gentleman please dont make this costly mistake

Art journaling:March Challenges

Over at There is a March Workshop where they give prompts everyday this month. Of course you dont have to complete a page everyday just so you'll get into the habit of "visiting" the page ever day .This journal page was a cummulation
of the prompts for the week. I love art journaling. Next week I'' be doing prompts from the their prompts
will be at the 15th and 30th of the month.My muses aren't they cute!

Watercolor resist

I was watching this tutorial making a watercolor resist by Diana Trout(author of Journal Spilling)  here is the video from hope you like it .  By the way I need some feedback what kind of video tutorials would you guys like to see
I will probably use this technique with future pages.
This me and Joshua at the downtown libray it's my 2nd Favorite place (tied with Central Market) It's hard to believe this
kid is only 4 he won't be 5 until August 3rd. My future heartbreaker! We'll probably be here today,too. I'm not the bookaddict for nothing!

Art journaling: Finally a use for those rub-ons

I had started this page awhile back but it seemed so incomplete until I finally had a use for those rub-ons I bought at the Ck conference last year .The women at the typewriter is Gwendolyn Brooks,who won a PulitZer Prize in 1950 for her poetry collection
Annie Allen. The rub-ons where from Paper Element and the letter stickers I got from Hobby Lobby (I dont remember the name).The
Photograph in the upper righthand corner is by James Vanderzee, when you see photos from the Harlem Renaissance more than likely
there his.

Inspiration corner: A quote from a sexy older chick

"Sometime you've got to let everything go-purge yourself.  If you are unhappy with anything whatever
it is bringing you down get rid of it .  Because you'll find that when you're free,your true creativity ,your true self comes out" Tina Turner

A little something ,something

I redid the cover of my gratitude and prayer journal.
It was a quick little something I could do while the kids were watching t.v.
The paper is from Die cuts with a View,The trim is from Walmart and the letter stickers
were from Basic Grey(Two Scoops)

Random Note:My Guilty Pleasure

How cool is this? Not just having a latte, but enjoying a latte at the Hilton! There is jazz from way back playing,the sunlight is just pouring in . I feel very much at peace here. There is lots of elbow room . I think I just found my new writing spot! I gotta have my coffee in the morning might as well have it in a nice spot.

Inspiration corner : Two blogs I am fond of already is a blog I just discovered this week and already I am in love!I am always inspired by people who are celebrating their individuality.  Alos I am really interested in seeing how mothers
make time for their creative process.  Another blog I am inspired by is
(living artfully)  It sounds more like a lifestyle and my creative brain loves that concept!  I also like the fact
that she featured her best friend's blog  who was just starting out.  Who says loyalty is dead?  the projects seem like something I can actually do. No Martha Stewart like genuis required!( I like and envy her all
at the same time It always felt like she was on this whole other level that this mere mortal had a hard time trying to reach.  I actually consider myself to be creative so this is actually a compliment to Ms Stewart)
Anyway when you get a chance you might want to check them out.

Random note: is it spring yet?

I can't  wait for spring .  The reason this hot dog.  I didn't take this picture.  But this exactly what I had on my brain/  You see for me this is what spring entails warmer weather, flowers, kites flying at the park and hot
dogs.  This is also why I keep a gym membership!    I'd like to acknowledge sunny blog (I goggled it but hey might be another cool blog to check out!