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book review True Vision Authentic Art Journaling by lk ludwig

True Vision: Authentic Art Journaling I really enjoyed this book.  There are fill in the blank journal prompts as well as journal prompts in each section and at the end of each chapter an insight activity ,kind of like a warm up  for me the most helpful aspect was not only looking at the other artists work  but having the artist talk about the process as well.  Here's a partial table of contents.

Chapter 1 Getting started
pg 12 The basics of art journaling
     18 Selecting a structure
      22 Content and meaning
      28 Insight Activity:  Pillaging the Dragon's Hoard by using your good stuff
Chapter 2 Relationships
pg 34 Family and Friends
     36 Insight Activity: Dropped Paper Collage
     38Visual Toolbox: Making a Stencil Portrait
Chapter 3 The Written Word
pg 52 Incorporating Text as a Design Element
     54Favorite Poems, and Prose
     57Visual Text onto Metal Mesh
Again this is only a partial list there were alot more activities in each Chapter( as Well as more Chapters)
Since I am starting out in art journaling I found this book to be extremely helpful without being overbearing
I felt like I had enough "wiggle" room.  If you are discovering art journaling or need a jump start I highly recommend this book.


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