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New layout

I am still learning my Canon Scanner I love it because it prints and copies. All that to say, The 12by12 didn't fit at the bottom.
I used Sei paper(Chocolat) it's the same papers I used for the graduation album. I got to admit I scraplifted the sketch for this layout
from Real Life Scrapbooking and she brought up a good point about reusing sketches you have already done why reinvent the wheel. Iam giving full credit to Rebecca Cooper who saved me time and money ! I also did a review of this book on a previous post so check it out and tell me what you think.

Zaria's Pre k grad album

Here a few pages from my middle child's pre-k Graduation I love these papers from SEI(Chocalat) . The quote sticker was from DCWV
and other than a glue stick and a corner rounder I was definitely taking a very simplfied approach. I dont like to spend hours and hours on the same page ( or atleast not in the same day!) If the project feels like it's going to be a rush job I'd rather go make or do something else (a collage, a poem, or try a new recipe ) and then come back to it .. For me imposing a lot of shoulda or ought to 's is
stifling . I love to see everyone else's layout or mixed media project but I don't wont to feel inadequate because mine doesn't look like
someone else's. I know preserving family history is a large part of why I do this ,but the other half of the equation is creative expression!

Shout out:For the Ladies at Club Creating Keepsakes forum

I just wanted to send a shout out to all the ladies who participated in the "Can you be creative on a Budget"
discussion .There was a ton of good advice and suggestions about saving money .  (Honey these ladies know
how to work it !) Thanks again to everyone who participated!

book review True Vision Authentic Art Journaling by lk ludwig

I really enjoyed this book.  There are fill in the blank journal prompts as well as journal prompts in each section and at the end of each chapter an insight activity ,kind of like a warm up  for me the most helpful aspect was not only looking at the other artists work  but having the artist talk about the process as well.  Here's a partial table of contents.

Chapter 1 Getting started
pg 12 The basics of art journaling
     18 Selecting a structure
      22 Content and meaning
      28 Insight Activity:  Pillaging the Dragon's Hoard by using your good stuff
Chapter 2 Relationships
pg 34 Family and Friends
     36 Insight Activity: Dropped Paper Collage
     38Visual Toolbox: Making a Stencil Portrait
Chapter 3 The Written Word
pg 52 Incorporating Text as a Design Element
     54Favorite Poems, and Prose
     57Visual Text onto Metal Mesh
Again this is only a partial list there were alot more activities in each Chapter( as Well as more Chapters)
Since I am starting out in art …

Inspiration corner

this will be an ongoing series of musicans,artists,writers etc.. that I find inspiring.
This month I am focusing on India Arie.  I am always inspired  by someone who is not afraid to be themselves
and to me she is the personification of a true individual!  She decided to not conform to what the record labels thought was an acceptable image.  She stayed true to herself and her mission statement.  Lately I have been truly
inspired by the last track called "Ichoose" The chorus goes a little something like this

    "I choose
     to be the best I can be
     I choose
     to be authentic in everything
     I do
     My past don't dictate who I am

I really need to hear that when I have to decide whether to blog about what interests me or do I only concern myself with what will drive traffic to this site?  I am gradually getting to the point where self expression and
keeping record of my creative process will have to be the main concern.  I would hope…

my first art journal page

This is my first foray into art journaling .I figure this was the best way to just start. NOw that I have I am excited about the process
I still love scrapbooking but this is more free,fluid if you will and spontaneous kinda like me! Who knows where this will lead of course
that is the fun part and no I am not giving up scrapbooking if anything this will just open me up for my creative things!

layout flashback

I love this layout ! It reflects a very good moment in my life. Besides the fact that I just got my hair done. I was feeling good. How often do you get to document that? Isn't this part of the reason we scrapbook? My father died when he was 39 . There are things I wish I could ask him but I can't. So I don't want my kids to wonder about me I want them to know and of course see my love for them as well.

The other thing that stands out is the fact that this has become a self fufilling prophecy. I am more fufilled chasing and living my dreams
writing,photography etc... I do find ways to inspire myself . I live,laugh and love but most of all I believed and never gave up! Except for the paper ,I got the buttons and stickers from Hobby Lobby and the paper from Joann's(It's been a little while so if Iam wrong please say so!

Layout Flashback

I was looking at this layout and thinking about how I was just coming into my own style it's closer to a mixed media project than anything ,my son who almost 3 at the time and so into music or atleast his interpretion of music every chance he got he was always jumping on that stage at church on the microphones trying to perform.  Probably much to the other church members dismay.  He sounded alot like that fish named dorie from Finding Nemo who thought she could speak whale!He problably won't even remember he is so into Transformers right now. Of course that will be a future layout