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Book Review:Fabrics and Florals

Fabrics and Florals by Jill Miller
I have always wanted to experiment with Fabric but don't have any sewing skills
by any stretch of the imagination much less a sewing machine.So it was a very happy moment
when I discovered this book
Chapter one: No Sew Fabrics
The other thing I find very helpful  is that by each project she will put Beginner, Intemediate, or Advanced
I think this is great because you can start wherever you are comfortable and as you skills improve
you'll have a project that will suitable for the new level
Chapter 5:Salvage Scrapbooking
I found very interesting because this a way to preserve your kids old onsies, or preschool years or
any person in your family whose memory you wanted to preserve.
Chapter 9:Silk Flowers and Foliage
This chapter is awe inspiring.Normally I hate too many florals on a layout but this is not the case.  It has
collage feel all over it .  There are some projects that incorparatae digital elements  that can be used but
definetely not mandatory
Chapter 12:Printing and painting on canvas
You can learn to print on canvas and cotton or use Fabric Paints with Paper just to mention a few of the
I am only showing a part of the table  of contents there were alot of cool projects in the book that didn't
take up a lot of time or money which is why I strongly recommend checking this book out


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