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Inspiration Corner

"People frequently say to me 'Your such a free spirit' Aren't spirits made to be free?"

I have to be honest I had fallen into a creative rut.  I was avoiding my little craft table,wasn't looking at any
pattern paper I mean none of that.  I just didn't feel like making anything not even if you paid me to!
Then I came to the realization that I would have to actively seek out inspiration instead of just waiting on
"it" to fall on me.  so I got the Creative companion By Sark  and for me it's just what I needed .  Something
bright and colorful I love the spirit in whis this book was written.  I love the playfulness.  When we were kids I didn't have to search for something you had. So it was nice to revisit that same feeling you had
when you where in the art area playing with playdoh.  I feel like another layout
I really enjoyed this book and she has easy affordable shortcuts
that even a busy mommy can do ,however i would recommend if you
buy it used make sure it's "like new" because what some people
call good is questionable!

a layout finally

like finally a layout!I love this one I got everything from mostly the paper studio line of paper. you know they really should pay me!  My son thought he was the next american idol.  To us he sounded like that fish from Nemo
who thought she could speak whale! Just had to share that one.

Clean and Simple Scrapbooking the Sequel by Cathy Zielske

This book is like drinking ice cold lemonade on a hot,humid summer day!I't's a much needed book in the
scrapbooking industry because it teaches and inspires. The book is divided into 5 sections
and Enjoy
very similar to how the former magazine was set up.  What I really enjoy is that you don't have to be
make layouts like Mrs.Zielske in order to benefit from this book.  Whether your style is Vintge, Romantic,Shabby Chic or whatever it doesn't  matter you can still benefit from the design tips.  I strongly
recommend this book.If you can't find it at Hobby Lobby or Micheal's then you can definitely get it from it was only 3.50 plus shipping and handling (used but  you can see it' in great condition)

the scrapbooker's creativity kit by Claudine Hellmuth

Boy was I excited to get this baby in the mail! I got it for $2.45 on Amazon and even with the
shipping and handling was still a fraction of the retail cost.
Until I opened it.  The book that had the layouts done using the prompts was smaller than your child's
composition notebook!There are two decks of cards 30 word prompt cards and 30 color cards
both decks were double sided but didn't seem like alot.The layout were done by people already in the industry but the author didn't do not one layout herself and that was disappointing.(she does collage work
and had a few examples of her work) I think it would have been even more inspiring had she
took the time to do a few layouts herself.  Is this product useful .yes.  Is it vital? no.  I think 20 dollars
could be better spent on subscription to Creating Keepsaks or Scrapbooks Etc..

Product review 11/22/09 pop up Glue dots

I tested this project I was making that involved fabric and a photo album I did get the inspiration from
the book i reviewed Fabrics and Florals.  I wanted to get this done quickly and this product
was definitely right for the job! There are 75 medium sized dots so they are larger and denser than
the other Glue Dot's products but it didn't quite give me that 3-d effect you would get from a foam adhesive
like the Pioneer brand I've used before I do recommend this if you have heavy embellishments you
want to add to your layout without the agony of waiting  for glue to dry.

Book Review:Crafting Beautiful Journals and Albums

Crafting Beautiful Journals and Albums by Anna Morgan
there are  Four Sections of the Book
Getting Started
5 chapters detailing what you need to do the projects
On the Covers
Projects suchas Mosaic Albums,Wedding Albums,Beaded Diary etc...
to mention a few of the chapters
Each project has step by step instructions  with either illustrations
for each and every step (or photos for each step in a few sections)
Which is the biggest benefit to this book
Between the covers
one chapter on Decorating Paper
another for Making paper
and Additions and Insertions for some reason this section only had 3 chapters
Making Books
Floral Fabric Scrapbook,Lover's album and Scallop Shell book to name
a few.  I enjoyed looking through the book but because it had too many supplies to
obtain I am not recommending this book

Book Review:Fabrics and Florals

Fabrics and Florals by Jill Miller
I have always wanted to experiment with Fabric but don't have any sewing skills
by any stretch of the imagination much less a sewing machine.So it was a very happy moment
when I discovered this book
Chapter one: No Sew Fabrics
The other thing I find very helpful  is that by each project she will put Beginner, Intemediate, or Advanced
I think this is great because you can start wherever you are comfortable and as you skills improve
you'll have a project that will suitable for the new level
Chapter 5:Salvage Scrapbooking
I found very interesting because this a way to preserve your kids old onsies, or preschool years or
any person in your family whose memory you wanted to preserve.
Chapter 9:Silk Flowers and Foliage
This chapter is awe inspiring.Normally I hate too many florals on a layout but this is not the case.  It has
collage feel all over it .  There are some projects that incorparatae digital elements  that can be used but
definetely not …

product review 11/7/09

I just bought the DCWV paper the sweet stack with Glitter and i love this paper.
It has the three things I look at when buying paper
I am embarrassed to admit I have bought those huge stacks of paper(the ones with a 180 sheets)
and ended up only using it for one specific projects.Who has money to waste like that I sure don't
I got three kids and that youngest can eat!.  Any way this paper stack has 48 sheets. I went to Hobby Lobby
and got on sale 50% off.( they also have coupons online).I feel that because this stack has all three factors
it's better purchase because I will actually use it